HD Intelligence™


HDMI is the new digital standard in the CE & AV markets. The fast growth of large size HD TVs and 1080p flat panel TVs has made analogue (composite and component) devices obsolete. Considering the abundance of products that utilise HDMI to deliver the best digital quality picture and sound, it is not hard to understand the huge growth in HDMI applications.

Traditional customers of HD Intelligence™ HDMI have been AV installer & specialist retailers, including integrators, in the most obvious applications such as domestic installations or upgrades and large scale TV & IT retailers.

There is vast growth toward HDMI usage by some new users in associated industries. Many of these are in the commercial field, including architects, builders, electricians and those in the hospitality, government & digital signage sectors.

HD Intelligence™ is a quality array of HDMI solutions, distributed by Hills Holdings.

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